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Cryptocurrencies are the preferred way to make a donation.

  • Bitcoin 36GN5qTZUaRmQA2fwAycuzyVwgF2AvJqbB
  • USDT or USDC
    • ERC20: 0x5e853e5d5a4575b84b6add3ee0f71a1431003697
    • SOL: C4YZRRdwdmTAVDz5e28hbZ4qyEmb2k9SfxqzxmvJxGaa
    • TRC20: TEoRNV7d6UCrPvF7hs3UihwwtSZmTqzvc1
  • Monero 429kM9JapwKjocrrrV2xgoNZY2Hj8V1qghW7Lu4qCJdsSPUsoaxVT9B4Q83RRiP8iG522jGieR2KhXBqqhuRuaapEysbBe3
  • Litecoin MH5kWxiicSkgJQQzMXxP787Q1gkxm9y4pd
  • Dogecoin DQmF1ZJUSQq6A25QjNUsjcUFs8uxRVF8BZ
  • Bitcoin Cash qq3t79g426jx5gdx3z9zlarw45ndffn82q2y5qqxzc
  • Ethereum 0x5e853e5d5a4575b84b6add3ee0f71a1431003697

International wire transfers

Unfortunately, with the current situation in the world, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to receive donations via traditional payment systems. Please contact me in case you'd like to make a wire transfer - it is possible to transfer funds to an account opened with a bank in a neutral jurisdiction.