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Fine-grained subscriptions

You can subscribe for notifications of a certain type only. Add the following words, separated by spaces to the subject field of your initial message.

  • articles — A new article is posted.
  • releases — Software updates or releases are rolled out.
  • other — Something else, which may include things ranging from like "hey, this site is closing down", to "I never sell things to my subscribers, but when I do...", to "the site is changing its domain name".
No unwanted messages, optional PGP
Your email will be kept safe out of in any DB on a 3rd party-server (given that, you trust ProtonMail at least), but rather it'll be kept in an encrypted text file that I will be accessing manually. If you'd like notifications to be encrypted, attach your public PGP-key, or if you're using ProtonMail, it'll be encrypted be default.

How to unsubscribe

The address you shall use to unsubscribe is the same, only the keyword is different: add STOP to the subject field. You may also unsubscribe from the certain categories of notifications only, in which case make subject field look something like: STOP updates other. At the same time, send STOP all or STOP will unsubscribe you from all notifications.