List of projects:

  • BashJazz

    A collection of useful Bash scripts
    • utest - small lib for for unit testing Bash scripts and (nested) functions. Can also be used to test the output of any other cli-program.
    • cli-args - cli-argument parser for Bash with support for long (--two-dash) and short (-a) arguments. Allows synonyms for long arguments as short arguments, defining required arguments and values, throwing errors when arguments and/or their values are missing. It's written in Bash and for Bash scripts and functions.
    • utils - small scripts mainly used by other BashJazz's sub-projects. You may find them useful too.
    • network - scripts that are concerned with network activity, such as connecting to a vpn, enabling a killswitch, checking ip addresses etc.
  • DOCK

    Pain-free containers. Requires no Dockerfiles and is created with a fundamentally different premise. For now works with Docker but will soon support other types of containers, such as BSD-jails or Podman.